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Good News - Bad News

Hey the good news. A woman asked me out today.

The bad news. She's married.

Haven't had to turn a women down in a while, but I still got it.

8 people had cathartic therapy:

hhhmmm... you might have missed an opportunity there. married men tend to be pretty good in bed, something about the "new" and thrill... or so I hear... I of course have no first hand knowledge of any of this.


Hmmmmm Mike I am proud of you. But you know, those married ones are much better. They are never too clingy. Clingy is what I avoid. But I also dont have enough guts to date a married guy. I just date the ones who lie to me about the # of kids they have. Its more complicated that way. I like it


You don't date married men silly.


Good for you, Mike.

You take the trash to the curb, not to bed.

(Not that I have strong opinions about adultery or anything.)


ACG - you beat me to it. I was going to say I don't sleep with married men.

MissM & SWF42 - Even if this one was single it would be like being with my ex. No way!


I actually have quite a few friends who have "Open" marriages and it works for them. Yeah...I have a few that said they did, but it *didn't* work for them, too.

But still..it may have been one of those cases. Did you think about that?

And...saying she's "married" doesn't really cover it. Is she married but getting divorced? Is she married but separated? etc..etc...

see..there is always MORE to the story. Details man...we need DETAILS. (sigh) why are guys so bad about the details??? ;p


Cinn - details. Well let see. She's my patient. I knew her husband before I knew her. She just wants something to feel better instead of doing the work on herself.


Okie dokie...gotcha....so she's just looking for a "distraction" in her marriage. Yep, yep..you made the right choice to steer clear. Can we say "She's got issues"?

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