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The Fourth

Never big Fourth of July fan mostly because I am not a fan of the noise. Never liked loud noises. Anyway it was nice to sleep in today and then run some errands. Although I have to admit it was a bit strange. We had garbage pick up today. It's a federal holiday so what's the deal? I'll do something with the garbage. So I figured I'd hit a few thrift stores and lo and behold they were closed. The worlds gone a little screwy when they pick up trash on a holiday, but won't sell it.

I haven't made any pizza stories for a while so here are tonight's. The staff was complaining that we were open on Independence day, but the Mexican place next door to us was closed. Hey go figure. I did have to deliver a pizza to the ER. That was interesting. While I was standing there waiting for the secretary to come down and get her pizza some guy came in holding a little girl and asked if I was in line. I really wanted to make a wise crack about how I had a sick pizza here that needed to be eaten soon or their was going to be trouble. However since he had a kid in his arms I passed on it. The high point of the evening was a couple of young thangs giving me a $10 tip for the delivery.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

you're a pizza delivering chiropractor?


Hey free pizza with every adjustment. LOL. No I started up my own office then I decided to get divorced. Bad timing and now I just need the extra money.


aw, see that would be a chiropractor I would go to... Pizza, adjustment... happy ending? ;-)


It was funny you said that. It reminded me of the female Filipino I use to work with that said back in the Philipines some of the whore houses would give you a free chicken after you finished with one of the girls. Why? No one knows the answer. I guess maybe brothel war.

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