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Thursday Thoughts

Well pizza life returned to normal last night. Actually it started great with my first lady giving me a $6 tip. After the night before I was about to offer her a DATY, but she closed the door to fast. The local college is having some event and each night they order 35 pizzas which throws everything into chaos. I tell you my wrist is sore from two nights of boxing so many pizzas. Other than the monsoon like rain last night is was pretty normal.

I tell you one thing that came out of yesterday with IT Girl is my black and white nature with meeting someone. I know the day before I was working on putting the brakes on myself with this is going good. Their's a point along that road where I can get an expectation even though I've been down this road many times before. Then I don't hear anything and a resentment comes flying up with my expectation being blown. It's all in my head and it's a 4 year old response an old tape if you'll like. So that became my lesson for the day.

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