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The Hand

Well my hand is pretty okay today. No horrible disfigurement that would warp my mind causing me to take on some secret identity to destroy all pizza establishments in my insane rage. A first degree burn and it feels different where it was burned. I was able to work out this morning no problem. I did awake this morning with the histamine rush of being burned on the left side of my body. It is very heat sensitive and I'll see how it is carrying pizzas tonight.

Slowly making my way through the new Potter book and about half way through it. No rush though since I like to enjoy my books and I have nothing waiting after this one.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

pssst. they all die.


Dude! You got some seriously girly hands going on there! ;P


ACG - I thought only Spock died?

Cinnkitty - it's all the lotion I put on. ;)


***It rubs the lotion on its skin......

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