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Sane Friends


Between seeing my friend yesterday and meeting my friends I had some time to kill so I stopped by Starbucks in a different neighborhood than my usual. I had recently finished a leaded Coke so I didn't want anymore caffeine. They didn't have any Jones soda or a Perrier. So I got a bottle of Ethos water. Let me tell you that stuff is bottled swill. The funny thing is that they are trying to raise money to help children around the world drink better water. I think they would do better saying this is what those children are drinking, please help.

My residence is getting a little shake up. My landlord informed that 26 people have already called about the place. A 26 year old single mom is in the lead with her 4 year old. I have to admit it would be nice to have kids back in the house. They do lend something to the atmosphere. My other house mate broke up with her long time boyfriend. I figured she would have moved in full time with us, but seems to have found someone else to date. Never understood that.

Watching the paint peel in the office it is slow. For some reason when it is slow my papers seem to pile up around the office. At least the rest of the week is filling up.

The high point of my day was walking out of my business meeting this morning. There was another meeting or two down the hall. Anyway I walk out and their is all these women standing around. They all look at me and watch me walk away. It was a nice boost for the ego.

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