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It's funny when people find out I fence they thing it's the coolest thing in the world. I have mixed thoughts on the hobby. While you just can't beat stabbing someone with 3 feet of steel it's murder on my flat feet. I think it is worse than a step aerobics class. My biggest complaint with the sport are the rules. This is fighting right? Two people walk in, one walks out. Correct? I've done stick fighting and kung fu over the years with a little boxing thrown in. Besides no killing or maiming, rules were pretty sparse. So entering another fighting sport to be told all these rules is a pretty hard thing. Actually I haven't fenced in about 2 months. I sprained my wrist doing it and since I constantly use my wrist at work to adjust it really doesn't get better fast. So I've been taking time off. I'll see if I go back in a month or two.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Awwww...did you post that just for me? ;P Ummm..I think you are getting fighting confused with "Thunderdome" - two men enter, one man leaves... ha..ha.ha..!

I'm just not a fan of foil fencing. Give me a Del-tin any day and I'll kick your ass! Ha!


Somewhat. I get enough comments on fencing here and in the real world. I see you are a sharp nerd and know your movies.


Hi Mike, (waves) I'm a movie buff and my head is full of useless movie quotes and almost all the lyrics from "Look What the Cat Dragged In". I don't know why...but there it is...

What did I have for dinner tonight? (shrugs..) I duuno?

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