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Sane Friends

Lunch Time

I had a business lunch with Paper Boy (it's sounds better than paper "guy") today. We met up at Diner Girl's place. One thing I miss about the north is that women rarely smiled unless they were interested. When I first got down here 3 years ago a guy I knew said, "Mike, girls just smile at you down here. It doesn't mean their interested in you." I was still married at the time when he told me and I didn't really care. Now 3 years later I understand what he meant. Anyway I got to shoot the breeze with Diner Girl and her vacation with her folks. Paper Boy arrived and we got down to our business meeting. How as one of the newbies got to be teaching everyone how to do these things I'll never know. Although since I brought Paper Boy into the group I don't mind teaching him. Diner Girl stopped by a few times to chat with us since we are all in the same group. Although I have to admit she did focus most of her attention on me. It was subtle, but I guess that goes with being a young thang.

Well let me get all this paperwork finished. I would like to go down to the oceanfront tonight to see Blue Oyster Cult. Their free and it would be nice to relax down there in the evening.

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Hey, southern girls are friendly. What can we say?

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