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Sane Friends

Full House

Well the intern decided to pass on staying with us. My landlord went with the Quiet Guy and his son Mini me. They'll be moving in sometime in the next week. Mini me is a nice kid and I don't see any problems with him,but Quiet Guy needs to say something, maybe a good swift kick in the shins. My female housemate will be back in the house tomorrow and I've been trying to think of a name for her. I guess I'll go with Port Girl short for Portuguese Girl. So the house will be full, but we don't know if Quiet guy will be eating with us and Mini me is only there 6 days out of the month.

As my friend Paul would say "no surprise". I took the vice president position for my BNI group. I wanted the president position, but everyone knows that I am very organized (not neat though) and that what was needed for the position. I did find out that the person who took the president position would only do so if I took the VP position. One thing I realized this morning is that I still have a hard time with praise which I was given by several people today at our meeting. I'm not uncomfortable with it, but I don't preen like I feel I should, but who knows.

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