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Sane Friends


Since I and most people think Starbucks is a good place to meet people. I wonder if it's okay to buy them a drink or something else like you would do in a bar?

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Starbucks is a good place to meet women? By your posts, I thought it was a good place to watch women chat with their friends while you watch :-P

Buying a woman a coffee, like a drink at the bar? At a bar you tend to drink more than one drink... and I drink triple lattes, would you really want to have a conversation with someone on their 2nd triple latte???


Oh and if you decide to try this, don't try to buy a woman her morning coffee... early morning, pre-coffee pass would do nothing but make me want to hit a man for slowing me from getting to the barista.


I should take a poll. Originally most women that I talk to were saying to said don't approach the two women conversation. Now I'm getting the opposite.


Well at a bar you can send over a drink to one woman and then she can come to you to "thank you" if she wants to leave her friend and start talking to you. But if two people (regardless of gender) are in a conversation, it's just plain rude to interrupt. I thought you meant buying women there on their own a coffee.


I don't want a Kramer hopped up on caffiene. I was thinkig of some kind of dessert. Half the women say go say hi to two women having a conversation if one is there smiling at me while the other half say it is rude. Which camp are you in?


I hate when a guy interrupts when I am out with a friend... doesn't matter how cute, he'll get NO WHERE after that move. And it will make the friend you are not hitting on feel slighted.

This my suggestion, if you get the opportunity to approach a woman while her friend steps away, quietly go over, tell her you don't want to interrupt her and her friend, but you noticed her and would like to buy her a coffee & get to know each other another time. Then offer her your card (the chiropractor card, not the pizza card), excuse yourself, and leave. If you must stay at the coffee shot after this move, do not continue to make eye contact, respect that the rest of her time belongs to her friend.

If you don't have business cards, you can get them printed uber cheap online.


Why not? Maybe not the first one, if you're just standing in line, but if you start talking and one of you finishes, absolutely.

Or, one of those yummy pastries!


Yes it is. As long as you are cool about it and dont act like its a bar.

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