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Sane Friends

Amazing But True

Well the evening of Friday the 13th was pretty interesting. To start off IT Girl and I have a date Sunday. We still haven't nailed down what we are doing since she lives in the next city over and I don't know it that well. I really didn't think we would ever go out. We played 20 questions over the week. I would have rather met to see if their is any chemistry right off the bat. If not I wasted 15 minutes and and extra drink at Starbucks. However when the questions continued I was like WTF? I answered, but the jokes and the wit dropped. So today I she emailed me starting to say she was going to ask me another question, but then decided to just say she did want to meet. So I IMed her and we set it up. In the back of my mind is a neuroses flag that she has made many bad choices in her life and she wants as much information to feel okay with something. I could be wrong and I'll see.

Pizza delivery tonight was a ride down memory lane. I got to deliver a pizza to my old apartment from when I was married. The place looked different with all new stuff in it. Then I took a pizza down to a place a few houses from L. I can never remember her number, but I made sure it wasn't her name.

Somehow since I provided a lot of vendors for tomorrow's health fair I have been named one of the organizers. I have to grab one of the programs to see it.

Well I'm exhausted and it's time for bed.

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