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I had a lecture this morning for the first meeting of a women's business group. I knew where it was, but following all the women was a sure fire way to get there. While waiting to get in the woman in front of me was like I think you're in the wrong place. I informed her I was there speaker. She gave me a non-committal noise and turned back around. Hey I'm not here to subjugate you. I'm just here to do a lecture on stress and hopefully get out of here with my balls still attached to my body. The herd mentality was intact and running strong. Groups of gazelles were scattered around the room giving me curious looks as I the lion moved back and forth. The looks weren't warm and they knew they could gore me to death as a pack. So I was happy to stay on the outside of their watering hole. One lady who I rode up in the elevator with had enough courage to walk over and see what I was about. We exchanged cards and hopefully we can help each other business wise. I have to admit that women dress differently when they are going to meet other women. Their clothes were more conservative and the colors more muted. Being the only guy I stood out like a sore thumb so I just hung back until they needed me to talk. I have to admit I've dealt with rooms of women before, but the business sect was a little intimidating. Overall the presentation went well and I got a few leads. Since I didn't really interact with the women I didn't get as many leads as I wanted, but a few came up to me afterwards.

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