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Dinner Time

In a weird circumstance I was didn't have to work tonight so I was home for dinner. My landlord had invited several potential renters for dinner tonight. It's been a while since we had a lot of people at the table. I believe the last time was Thanksgiving. Anyway it was fun, but one thing that was always weird to me was very evident to me. The mini me syndrome. Fathers that name their kids after them. Tonight it was Edwin and little Edwin and John and little John. Jeez your kid is a separate entity give him a different name. I remember when my son was born I was asked a lot if I was naming him Michael and when I said "no" their faces showed confusion. It's a concept I just don't get. I wonder if it is something from a time gone by when property was transferred from father to son and it was a lot easier if you just had the same name since no one could write anyway.

So the only female here tonight only needs a place to stay for a month before she goes back to Yale. I think she will be taking a extra room that my landlord will make up for her. Both guys had some issues that my landlord doesn't think will work out so we will see. The bigger news is my house mate Mal will be moving back in with us full time. I've been back here for just about a year and she hasn't slept here more than a dozen times in that period. It will be weird having another person here. She was the best housemate not being here. Since our rooms are right next to each other I hope she has gotten over her snooze alarm and hitting it a dozen times cause that gets real old real fast. It will be nice to have her back though since we do get along pretty well.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

a landlord inviting potential renters over for dinner? huh?

how many people live in this place?


Yeah he wanted to meet the kids and this made it a nice event. Including my landlord the place holds 4 adults and then whatever kids are here.


is it apartments or one big house shared?

some kinda hippy commune thing?


LOL my landlord would find that funny. He's retired and build this house when he was married and had kids. No he has the big place. I have to hand it to the guy. He has the money, but he rents the rooms out cheap to struggling people usually just separated or divorced people with or withot kids.

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