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The Big Stiffie

Last night sucked at the pizza place. I worked more hours and came out with way less than I made the night before. People were just stiffing left and right. I'm not a violent man, but I was really pushed last night. They were just adding injury to the insults. I dropped off one delivery and the lady gave me a twenty and went back into the house. I was hey finally a tip. I get back to the work and they are like the lady is complaining she didn't get her change. She wants is ALL back. So not only an I not getting a tip and I have to drive all the way back to this bitch's house. To try and lessen the impact I grab a few other deliveries in the area. I get stiffed from the first and give the lady back her **&%%####!!!! money and the next guy does it. I give him his stuff and I see he's going to give me a dollar tip. It's cheap, but beggars can't be choosy. Then he ask where his napkins are? I tell him we don't provide. So he puts the dollar AWAY! I really wanted to go ape shit on the cheap gumbotron warrior.

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