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Sane Friends

Where's That Wedge?

Doing my Starbucks thing today and enjoying my book when a very attractive lady and her friend came in. We both noticed each other as soon as she walked in the place. They grabbed their drinks and parked themselves on the other side of the place. I was able to look over at her and smile and she with me. Learning from the other day I knew if an opportunity to talk to her came up it would be her doing. So I continued to read, wait, and smile. The only time the were separated is when she went to the bathroom. She was back there a while. It didn't dawn on me for a while was she back there waiting for me? I'm use to the friend disappearing. Was this a different route? Before I could decide she was back and they packed up their stuff. She left last and gave me a big smile before she walked out. Where's that damn wedge when you need it?!

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Dude, hate to rain on your parade, but she wasn't waiting for you in the bathroom... she was uummm taking care of personal business back there.

Don't follow women to the bathroom, no matter how long they are taking (even if you are on a date with her), unless she gives you specific instructions to come meet her in the restroom for a quickie.

And if you are on a date and she took "too long" in the restroom, ignore it, don't comment on it... pretend she was back in 30 seconds or less.


I was going to say somethng smart asshish but ACG already said it all

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