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A Classic

I was amusing myself looking through profiles when I found this one. It was a classic so I had to share it.

Body Style: Compact with CURVES
White paint, Dark brown Soft-top
LARGE DARK brown Headlights
Quality GRILL with a KISSABLE bumper
Plush, Warm, Inviting Interior Classic, but fashionable, neat, pulled together Exterior, with some extra padding
Radio programmed for Rock, Country, R&B, and Classical
Loves to ride with GENTLEMAN
Moderate Maintenance, Low Mileage
No Current Break Downs
Runs on Guinness, Red Wine, and Scotch
Doesn't smoke
Great for road trips or parked at home
Tows around and is responsible for two teenage imports
Gets along well with Former Owner
Clear Title
All unattached drivers circa 1952 to 1960 will be considered Prefers drivers that wear uniforms. But, not a requirement.

That's the way to get a guys attention.

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