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Sane Friends


Sitting in Starbucks today trying to finish my book before the new Harry Potter book comes out. Then it happened. Something two of my friends talk about a lot since we all own our own businesses. The sales woman! I swear they either grow them in vats or scour the world for them. This woman was an amazon even without the 3 inch heels. The guy in the suit never had a chance. OMG she knew how to work it and I was across the room. She had an amazing amount of cleavage showing. She had some kind of light jacket (their's probably an official name for it) that she adjusted a few times, but it never covered a millimeter of skin. I have no idea how she was able to get her skirt to rise up, but I kept noticing she was pulling it back down. A few hair tosses later she had him signing over probably his soul and that of his family. I have to admit I never saw a man stare so intensely into someone's eyes before.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Did you say Starbucks???? Where? Where?? Coffee, coffee, coffee!! Java, java, java!!!

(this comment brought to you by caffeine addicts anonymous) *NOT!!


So you like coffee I take it?


Coffee is a food group in my world! ;)

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