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Sane Friends

What We Need Here is an Emergency Wedge

We need some scientists somewhere to sit down and figure out how to rid this world of a problem that has bothered mankind for years. I'm not talking about crab grass or the the true number of the JG algorithm. What I'm talking about is the pair of women talking somewhere. So I'm sitting in Starbuck this morning and there two women come in. The first one immediately looks over at me and I look at her. They go place their drinks and sit right in from of me. Over the next 30-45 minutes the one lady and I are looking and smiling each at each other while her friend continues to chat away. What I think is needed is the Emergency Wedge. Like an inflatable raft you just pull a cord and large inflatable wedge deploys. Then you just shove it between the two women and wha-laa two single women. Anyway her friend never went to the bathroom and they left together. Although I have to admit she then returned to the card store next door. I was going to follow, but I did that once and got the deer in the headlights look. Not a good thing to get when approaching a women. So I waited outside at a table, but she ignored me on the way out which through me and I kept my mouth shut. Oh well.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

sorry dude, she just wasn't that into you...

or she was waiting for you to make a move when she left the card store.


The funny thing about women is another women doesn't know. Usually guys know what another is doing.

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