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Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Jobs I've Had ....

  1. Newspaper delivery - My first job as most kids did, although I think it's become and adults job now, at least in my area

  2. Movie usher - this was a great high school job. Free movies, popcorn, soda.

  3. Factory worker - you need one of these jobs to know I don't want to do this

  4. Telemarketer - found I don't like sales

  5. Camp counselor - Get paid to play what more can you want

  6. Construction - need some extra money these are plentiful

  7. School bus driver - want the middle of the day free then this is the job to have

  8. Vacuum cleaner salesman - reminded me how much I hate sales

  9. Managed electronics store - this was in the mall and it really destroyed my want to hang out in one

  10. Jewelry repair and delivery - after finding out much the stuff really costs and how much the mark up is. It's so hard to buy anymore.

  11. Valet driver - I have to admit one of the better side jobs I ever had. Good money , kept me in shape, and relatively easy.

  12. Pizza delivery - besides burning my hand it's been fun

  13. Chiropractor - I do love what I do

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1 people had cathartic therapy:

#11. Hmmm....valet driver huh? Ever see anything "fun" going on in the back seat?? heh..heh..heh...

#13. Dude! "Try to make the NOISE! Make the NOISE! I LIVE for the NOISE!"

"In the end you just trust them. They could have their fingers in your nostrils, one foot on the back of your underpants, and they’re pushing your spine away with a broom. “Well, what’s this one about?” “I have no idea.” Dodoodododododoododooo! “Wherever he falls, there shall he be buried.”

ha..ha..ha..! I loves me a chiropractor. Too bad my health insurance doesn't. ;)

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