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Well I got up this morning and was like wow I don't have to work to whole weekend. Neither job. WTF? This does not compute. I can't believe how alien it feels. So I went to see the new Potter film. I enjoyed it although I am not a big fan of the movies it was good none the less. I thought their casting of Luna Lovegood was great.
Anyway I get out of the theater and their is a message from my attorney. He was like we need to subpoena your wife since she hasn't signed the papers. It's been over 2 months and it just can't sit in court. They will dismiss it and you'll have to start all over again. Okay I'm pissed. I really don't have the extra cash for the subpoena, but it is a hell of a lot cheaper than paying for the divorce again. So I called my ex and told her the story. She apologized and said she had been really obnoxious about getting it done. I told her I would subpoena her long before I paid for another divorce. She promised to over night it Monday. I have to admit I was furious afterwards. For me to be that angry I knew something was wrong inside of me. Looking at it I realized I had dropped back to the expectation that my ex would do the right thing like she said 2 months ago. She said she just needed to walk around the corner to get is signed. WALK AROUND THE FUCKING CORNER! But as always she doesn't do the right thing hence we are not together. So if by Wednesday we don't have the said papers I'll go forth with the subpeona.

I was finally able to finish of the last Potter book. It was good, but not my favorite of the series which is the Prisoner of Azkaban.

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That's what ex's are there for. To raise our blood pressure and piss us off. My divorce has been final since January and the asshole STILL hasn't refinanced the car our of my name. He finally got the house refinanced last month and had the audacity to call me up and complain that one of my credit cards was showing up on his credit report and it was causing him problems so please fix it. FUCKER...that credit card was out of your name BEFORE the divorce was final, call the damn company yourself and you'll find that out. Oh..and by the way, don't bitch at me about my credit card (which is a reporting mistake and easily fixed) when I still have the 1st AND 2nd mortgage AND your car still on *MY* credit report. That shit was supposed to be done 10 days...10 DAYS after the divorce was final!

Hence...one of the reasons we are no longer married... he's a whiney, helpless bitch. Hmmm...ask me how I really feel? ;P

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