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Well after having talked about and wrote about my dreams they left. It was proud of myself since I usually make a conscious choice not to date when I'm processing deep stuff since I know I will use dating to distract me. So this time to do it by reflex was a good thing. So I awoke today feeling more whole and happy. That's a good thing. So good I flirted with a little with a woman in Starbucks this morning. I had just sat down when I felt eyes on me. So I looked up and gave her a smile. She quickly got embarrassed and disappeared out of my sight. It was funny and it was nice to have to old me back.

Well it's a potential record day here in the office again with 3 new patients so it's going to be hopping. So that was my choice of doing Starbucks this morning to relax before all the work came.

Well I have 4 people for my skating event tomorrow night and hopefully more of the maybes will transfer to yes. Salsa seems solid and small. Game night I know will be a returning event since it's 2 weeks away and heavily RSVPed. If Meetup is small in your area Meetin.com might be a better bet. I do both.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Flirting is fun. A good thing.


I've really enjoyed your comments on my blog about the whole dating thing. It's such a merry go round.
May as well enjoy it, right?

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