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I tell you it was nice to stop and get gas last night. Hated shovelling out the money, but one fill up a week is great. I got so use to doing so 3 times a week when I did pizza. Also not having to drive around looking for addresses in the dark is a nice blessing. I don't miss it, but I'm still getting use to having my nights free.

3 of my good standing patients are finishing up active care this week. I hate it when that happens, however I know everyone is suppose to do their share. No more, no less. It's just hard having the faith that I'll be covered, but the week is filling up nicely. So it will be one week at a time. I have learned (hopefully to be follow through) not to try and pay stuff off yet. I need a cushion of savings which I don't have. Without it as soon as a bump comes along I'm freaking out and I don't need that. Once I have a comfortable cushion then I can pay stuff off.

I had a weird incident in Starbucks this morning. I had a mild anxiety attack. Boy was my heart pounding and yes that was before I had my drink. It did confirm something I had suspected. I do use food to calm me. I use to do it as a child even though I was starving myself on the other hand. However I always thought the food was just calming my starving body. I started to realized this when I was dealing with all my Mom's stuff. The anxiety would come and I would reach for something to eat, but then realize I had just eaten and shouldn't be that hungry. Since then I've kept a watch on it. So this morning I just sat to relax and work it through, but the want to eat something was strong I was surprised. Something else to work on since I don't want to switch seats on the Titanic.

6 people had cathartic therapy:

What did you suddenly feel anxious about?


Huh ? Where did my comment go ? aUGGH !

I'll try again.

Glad that the week is filling up at work, and that you are only filling up the tank once, Mike !


I can relate to both the anxiety attacks, and your way of dealing with them. Something I've been working on, also. I guess half the battle is realizing what's going on, isn't it? So, we are both moving in the right direction. Tina


Wish I knew Steph. I tried figuring it out, but was at a loss. So I focuses on the solution instead.


I bet you got anxious when they told you how much you owed them for your java!!!


I learned something interesting about gas....always fill up first thing in the morning when the ground is cold, as the molecules are closer together and you get more gas.
Also, never go below half a tank, because the air molecules mix up with the gas in the tank and you have less once again.

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