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Wow! No more treadmill for me. I wanted to do some cardio since I really haven't done a lot since I stopped doing valet almost a year ago. I was happy that my endurance was good, but oh did my right shin hurt. Next time its the bike.

Moving a lot as a child and having many of my possessions tossed has made me either hoard stuff of just be blase and toss its ass to the road. In an attempt to break this habit I started getting rid of books today. I like keeping what I read, but in the last 6 months I've increased my library usage to save money and space. Now there are many books I want to keep, but there are some I know I will never read again. So hopefully someone else will enjoy them.

My singles events are filling up slowly. Roller skating is the funniest. No one has said yes. Most everyone is saying maybe with the same comment. Sounds like a lot of fun. If the turn out is good I'll come. Well duh, if no one says yes I guess no one is coming. Salsa is doing nicely and game night is all women which is no problem to me. Now I need to start thinking about what to do next month.

Well I think I scared Spa girl off for good. I haven't heard from her in over a week. I don't think I mention it here that we did a bunch of kissing about 2 weeks ago. I wasn't planning or expecting it. However I knew she was in the mood and what the hey. It was good for me and I think too good for her since it really showed her she wasn't ready for a person like me. If she wasn't working right across the way from me I don't think I would think about her, but she does so it is a reminder. Plus to me she reminds me of Nicole Kidman with her eyes and smirky smile and with all everyone putting her picture up since she is pregnant it's another reminder. Mostly it's just an issue without a close and I hate that.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Spa girl is a professional escape artist, Mike. Not having closure to the issue sucks - her type doesn't like to give it. She'll be back at some point.


exercise blows but so does being overweight. its a hard see saw...
eating disorder is the only way out:P

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