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Sane Friends

Dancing Shoes

Marquita my salsa instructor told me that if I wanted to continue with the higher levels of salsa I would need a good pair of dancing shoes. Since I have flat feet I know I can't get away with the slipper types, but for the amount I dance a good pair of shoes would be nice. So I stopped by the dance supply place and told them I needed shoes for myself for salsa. Then the lady asks do I want high heels or not. WTF? Is some kind of code for finding out if I want Paul's or RuPaul's shoes? WTF would I want 3 inch dance shoes?

I did see CPA girl today. She didn't notice me, but she lives right around the corner from my frequented Starbucks. So I knew it would happen sooner or later. Nothing else to report on that.

We'll the interviewing for the empty rooms in the house continue. Many pregnant teenagers have applied, one mom looking to pimp her 15 year old daughter for rent, and others most have been under the weird radar since my landlord hasn't said anything. I did have lunch with one of the applicants. She's a year older than me and seems stable enough which would be good. Since she would be taking the room next to mine and we would be sharing a bathroom together. I have to have a nut job or a guy since he would probably be a slob.

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