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Sane Friends

Game Night

Well Game Night was a huge success. 12 people showed up when 13 had RSVP'd. I was expecting 6. Everyone was really nice. Being the first time we worked out a few bugs for next time. Tonight we ended up splitting into two groups. Next time if we have the same crowd I would go for 3 and every 30 switch so people can mingle more. I played Outburst most of the night. I took some ribbing for knowing more woman's undergarments than my female partner. I was happy that the Florist was flying on her own and I don't have to worry about her. So everyone is looking forward to next month already.

I have a date with the Teacher Friday morning at Starbucks. It will be interesting since she is and inch taller than I am. I remember a girl back at the radio station that was 6 foot and that was something to get use to. Anyway the Teacher likes purple lilacs and peach roses. I don't know if I'll be able to find one of those for then. We'll see.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I've had fun catching up on the dating posts....sigh....the 'hair' one really made me laugh.
Of course, being a woman, I just wondered if she used to date my ex boyfriend. He was so whacked out over his hair that he gave ME a complex over his hair, when honestly I probably wouldn't have even noticed it in the first place.
Nothing is sexier than plain old confidence, hairy back or not....


I like that you are thinking of buying her a flower. Says good things about you. Classy move.

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