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I got home tonight and I can't believe I left my shoes at class. It's all Jennifer's fault. She stole my pen and wouldn't give it back. She's a pen stealer and I'm neurotic about losing my pen. Not a good match. Anyway I was pretty good and let her have it after I stole her sneakers, but hey she had like 5 pairs of shoes with her it didn't matter. So I need to traipse down there tomorrow sometime to get them.

My day is different tomorrow. It's my annual Animal Readers day. I volunteer to take an animal from the shelter to an elementary school and read to the kids and let them pet the animal. This is my 3rd year and it's a lot of fun. Not quite sure what critter I'll be getting tomorrow. The first year was a rabbit and last year was a guinea pig.

I only had 3 people show up for the singles salsa event. As usual many signed up and didn't show. However they were all women which is always beautiful since it evens out all the guys. The Florist (the blond) was able to make it from telling her about it Friday at the skating rink. I can tell she likes me, but I'm on the fence with her. I still couldn't decide by the end of the night so I asked her out for drinks hoping that one to one time will help me decide.

A few of you asked about K. I left a message, but got no response. So I move on. No biggie.

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