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Match.com Day 2

Mike to base camp ... Mike to base camp ((static))

Have not found a place yet to start my ascent. For some reason I'm big with women in other countries even though I'm only looking for someone in 25 miles.

I did find this sign on the trail and had to share:

I am everyday people and have been told I am one of a kind...I wake up with a song in my heart and pep in my step. And that's the truth... SO...back to what I want...I'm just going to list them in no particular order: Nice arms, chest and if you are hairy you must be trimmed with a #2 guard...including arms and chest - and your back must be waxed. (I don't mind helping as long as it's not a forest ;-). Feet...WOW...now this is important...pay attention...stop what you're doing and look at your feet right now...acceptable or not? Hands...nail biters need not apply. Cologne...must smell good all the time...don't be afraid to spritz heavily. Hair...neckline trimmed, no stragglers. ;-)

That was it. Nothing else to describe the writer. Oh well will keep looking.

Wait something is coming in. Hold on. Where the hell is Benin?

((static)) Over and out.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

This gets better and better, doesn't it?


I love reading internet dating adventures from the man's side. :-)

This is going to be fun! Well, for me. For you, it might suck. But that's the price you have to pay to keep us entertained! *lol*

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