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Sane Friends

I'm Mr. Freeze Meister

Oye we're in the deep freeze here for another day. When I awoke yesterday Ito a beautiful sunny day I saw that we had a splotchy frozen dusting of snow. It was weird to have to dig out my ice scraper from the trunk.

Since the treadmill doesn't work well with my flat feet I decided on the bike this week to do cardio. It was a good work out all except the bike seat that was killing my ass. I have to admit it was a good seat, but jeez will they ever make a seat that doesn't hurt.

The Godfather Part 2 was dirt cheap yesterday so I picked it up. I was really surprised to see something that I only thought happened on VHS. "Please insert disc 2." Who knew? Besides that it was a nice relaxing weekend. I got a lot of writing done so I was happy with that. It's nice when things come together and you can see your accomplishments.

I asked out 2 women over the weekend. Shot down by one and the other we'll talk some more to see if Starbucks is in our future. It's funny. The people in my business group wonder how I get some many referrals for people. There all married and I don't think they remember. When your single you end up talking to a lot of people. Many people will think I'm a very social person, but I'm not. It's all work and I'm very happy being by myself. I had a friend in college named John. Now John was a great salesman and dated a lot of women. We talked about this a lot. John could talk to anyone and it did just come down to odds. You talk to enough people and somethings going to happen. Anyway if K and I decide to meet up for drinks I'll give her a nickname.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Funny... I can't seem to meet ANYONE actually in the "real world" but match.com has been great. Plus.. it helps me to weed out the nut jobs a little bit quicker.. can we say "culling the herd"?? ha..ha.ha...

Good luck!


Yeah I always toss back going back to Match. I always did well on there, but I hate shelling the money out. We'll see.


You know, I really relate to the "people think I'm really social but it takes a lot of work" because that's me. I'm more than happy curled up on the couch with a book. I make myself go out and do stuff, otherwise I'd be a hermit 99% of the time.

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