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Sane Friends

Hey Rocky Watch Me Pull a Rabbit Out of My Hat

Talked to the Florist tonight about getting together Friday for sushi. It was a fun talk. We talked about being creative, dancing, and vacationing. Hey doesn't everyone on their first phone call. She was fun and easy to talk to. Anyhoo I ask if she wants me to pick her up or meet me at the restaurant. (tune the Dragnet theme) You see the Florist is living with someone. Yeah my head was spinning on my shoulders too. So I kinda waited for her to continue. It seems she was dating this guy for 4 years. They were suppose to get married back in August and 3 days before the wedding called it off. She is no longer the woman for him. So they're still living together because with her daughter she can't afford a place on her own yet. You know I must have a magnet stuck up my ass to attract this kind of stuff. You know I can't even make this shit up, but I still find it. Anyway we'll see how drinks are Friday.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

hee..hee..hee.. you attract the "crazies" too..see?? It's not just me! :P


Well I'm curious about Friday drinks..
and somehow we have to get that
magnet pried off your ass!!
LOL, you're not the only one..

smiles, deena

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