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MATCH.com Day 3

Taking a rest today. I finally had to turn my wink alerts off. It seems I'm a very desirable male everywhere else in the world except the US. I couldn't take having my box full of them.
I did ask 3 of my female friends to write testimonials for me since you can do it now. I figured what the hey. It was nice reading others to get a different perspective on the person.
In my travels I have found today's profile.
OK I WILL UPDATE THIS LATER...JUST BROWSING THROUGH RIGHT NOW CHECKING THIS SITE OUT...LOOKING FOR HONEST WONDERFUL COMPASSIONATE PATIENT MAN!ANY OUT THERE?MUST LOVE CHILDREN AND ANIMALS...YOU MUST BE A US CITIZEN, OWN A CAR, HAVE A DRIVERS LICENSE, A PASSPORT WOULD BE A PLUS, HAVE CURRENT EMPLOYMENT, WELL YOU GET THE PICTURE...RIGHT? J/k 8/07 Just came back to this site after a year or so. Some of my friends have met alot of really nice people on here so I thought I would give it a try. So if you tried to contact me before, I wasn't here. I was trying to get my job, house, and other priorities straight! So now that that is taken care of I have extra time to have a life again...
She's on everyday so I'm not quite sure what she is looking for or what she's about.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

too vague/generic... she doesn't know what she wants...

Narrow your range for dating to 15 - 20 miles maybe..... Ignore all the winks and crap from women who are geographically undesirable - they are showing you they are clueless right off the bat... RED FLAG !

You're making me remember what I hated about internet dating... 500 e-mails and only 10 worth responding to...

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