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My First Event

Okay so I get to the roller skating ring early. There's a line around the building. WTF? It's all teenagers. WTF? Family night was last night. Anyway I figured let me get on line and try to organize this. Bob one of the people who said they were coming showed up. So we stand in line that is not moving. It took a while to get inside. MT said she was coming and going to bring her neighbor. However they go their late and by that time all the skates were rented out. I brought my inline skates to finally really try them out. I have to admit I didn't like them. Bob was trying not to break his ass and the girls were just standing around. So MT came up with the idea of Mexican and margaritas so that's what we did. It turned out to be a fun evening. I don't remember the neighbors name since the noise drowned it out. She looks very different with and without glasses.

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I do a wonderful job at skating on my ass! :o)


I hadn't been roller skating since I was... ummmm, 14? Well, my baby sister (she was 29 at the time) and I met up in Detroit last year to visit our grandma and decided to hit the roller rink near our hotel. The oldest person there (besides us) was the DJ... and he was 17. But still.. we had a great time.


Most skating rinks have one or two nights a week for just teenagers. Family nights are for the younger kids. Just an FYI.


Oh gosh, when I was a kid I was one bad mamma jamma on a pair of skates!!!!


Mexican and margaritas was a good segue from the skating - given that the teenagers had taken over the rink !

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