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The Code Had Been Broken

Mandy is ecstatic at Starbucks since she deciphered my code without being told. Everyone else asked and I said. It's not hard. I get a grande on the weekends to celebrate and talls during the week just cause. I've been going there so long these little things are big.

It was a little interesting last night talking to Eric. I was asking about school and then his weekend. He asked why. I was surprised, but I told him cause I want to know what is going on in his life. The only way I find out is when we talk. I know in a lot of ways I don't think about how I am missing a lot of his young life.

One of my hurdles I was working on yesterday was that of money. Even though I am not out of the woods with my finances they are so much better than they were. However the few years of struggles and poverty living have left their scar on my. It really gave me a less than feeling. That's not totally true. What I had just jumped onto this. People that have money I feel less than. I had my bubble deflate a little with this. I got back a bill I sent a patient. She's in charge of one of the networking functions I attend. I've been to her house warming party when she got a large new house last year. Well I got the letter back yesterday with her having moved. So I guess the new place didn't work out. It made me feel a little more a part of the human race.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

It's hard NOT to feel less than about money... But you are making more and things are gradually getting better... An ethical, kind, honest man (who's great in bed) well, he can have less money than someone else and he is STILL the winner because he has what matters inside - and the rest is just gravy...
It's better to have money than not, but working hard counts a lot in a woman's eyes - even if the bottom line isn't there - yet.
It's about the effort put in, the practical vision for the future, and the action steps beign taken to get there, the realistic smarts being used...


Thanks Annie. It helps to hear that.

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