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Who Knew?

I always hear of the strange way people get to people's blogs. It's always funny. Now the point I'm making here is that I track my business's website and where people come from. Now I was completely floored when I found out that many of my viewers are coming from .... Free Live Porn. Now WTF? I can't even imagine how that is connected. I checked there site for purely technical reasons and I didn't see my listing so I don't know how that's working.

The next thing is that I was voted Best Chiropractor in the city for 2006. I must have missed the awards ceremony, but there's a page out there with my name on it. Who knew?

5 people had cathartic therapy:

Well, congratulations!!!

(For the award, not the freaky porn readers)



dude.. it's gotta be from one of those freaky photos in your headline! :)


Cinn it was my BUSINESS website not this one.

Anna - thanks.


oooooo..... the plot thickens... ha..ha..ha...


Best not to think about it too much or it could drive you crazy... :)

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