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Sane Friends


Well the mix up was finally fixed and I'm and assistant organizer for singles at Meetup. So I'm trying to get one thing going a week in an attempt to see what people like. I've got roller/inline skating, one of my salsa classes, and a game night. We'll see how it goes. Once I know what people like I'll better be able to plan.

Generating money with the office now I just need to collect it. At the moment I have several people that have been severely hurt, but not the full money to pay for treatment. Since I trust them all I've told them they can pay me off over time so that they can get better. I'm happy to help, but when I have a bunch at one time it hurts a little. Over time it will work out, but in the here and now it's a little light money wise.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

You are a good person! Not a lot of folks would be so understanding towards their patients and payments.

Just be sure they don't start trying to pay you in poultry or something..ha..ha..


Sounds like what you have organied will be fun for the meetups.

You are being very understanding about the payments oer time. Don't let them take advantage of you though.


Maybe after everyone gets to know one another a progressive potluck if you can get enough people brave enough to use their homes and even braver sharing their culinary skills.

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