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As always it's fun to go to the elementary schools and read to the kids and tell them about the animals. To see there eyes full of excitement at what I bring with me. This year I had Honey Bunny, a full sized rabbit. She was very well socialized and wasn't nervous or anything while I held her or the kids came up to pet her. While at the shelter waiting for what critter I would get I got to pet a few dogs and I forget how much I miss having an animal at home.

So with this in the middle of the day I decided to take the day off. If someone called and wanted to come in I would have, but since no one did. I figured what the hey. So I hit Starbucks twice today to celebrate. After the gym I had time before the dance studio opened to get my shoes back so I felt like it was worth it.

The Florist left me a message on my phone thanking me for inviting her last night to dancing. So that's a plus in her corner. I'll give her a call later tonight to schedule drinks. I think she wanted me to kiss her last night, but if I don't know how I feel about you. That's not going to happen. I hate having mixed signals giving to me so I'm definitely not going to do it on my end.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Hopefully after you have drinks with her you will know how you feel either way.
It is very nice that you aren't going to give her mixed messages if you don't feel "it"


I appreciate your hesitation. I don't like the mixed messages thing either, and am really careful not to give it as well.

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