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I Thought I Was Out, But They Pulled Me Back In

Last year after much work I finally got my Mom set up with Medicaid to pay for her care in the nursing home. Today I get the forms to fill out again. It seems I have to fill out this fuck-shit every year. WTF! Oh yeah my Mom just got hired as the CEO of GE. Now I have to dig all this paperwork out to attach. I'm hoping I have some of this stuff since I didn't think I would be filling it out again.

PS It's nice to know that "fuck" and "shit" are okay with the spell check.

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Now why would the CEO of General Electric have to fill out any paperwork ? You'd think a Fortune 500 executive would have scores of assistants doing her bidding and not bother her son with that paperwork minutia ... And shouldn't they have an excellent health care plan in place - instead of medicaid ? Is she running the compnay from her bed in the nursing home ? I'm impressed with how the stockholders have such open minds about letting an older woman with health issues continue to be their leader rather than have some corporate shark step in...
Hope she believes in nepotism and appoints you to take over instead...

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