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Sane Friends

Kelly Clarkson Sucks

I have nothing against her personally it's just she and Reba were in Norfolk for a concert tonight at the Scope. See one might think that having two concert places next to each other in the downtown district of a city may be great. It starts to get sticky when neither place has parking. It gets worse when downtown is pretty tight for parking already. Now through me in trying to find parking to go to salsa. Yeah you get the picture. If I knew before I left I would have passed. Oye was it a pain in the ass.

Starbucks turned out great. I don't like to be on the cellphone when I place orders so I grabbed a seat while I finished my conversation. During this time they deliver me my drink on the house. It was great. I was even more happier that I already set my friend up to come in and give the girls roses on Valentines day.

Salsa went really well. Since we were ending early tonight everyone hit the dance floor when class ended. One woman who I haven't seen since I first started was like, "you've been taking lessons. I can tell." That was nice to hear. I don't know a ton of moves, but what I know I know how to do well. The worse thing was the temperature really dropped here and I walked out dripping wet with sweat from all the dancing. Oh boy did my head hurt.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

So did you go to the concert?


Nooo. Not my thing. Especially when salsa calls.

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