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Sane Friends

The Question?

Are you really a nice guy? That was the Florist's question when I was driving her back to her car. I asked her what she meant and she asked did I have a temper and a few other things that I can't remember. I told her there was a picture of under nice guy in the dictionary. I'm always surprised when someone says this to me. Mostly because it comes up pretty fast and I don't ever remember doing anything to make it stand out.

Anyway it was a nice evening. The Florist was a novice sushi eater so I expanded her repertoire. The food was excellent, but the place was more packed than I have every seen it and they were hurrying us once we were finished. So dinner went a lot faster than I thought it would. The Florist asked what else was in the area and did I want to do something else. I said sure. The night was still very young and I wasn't crossing any lines here. So we drove past a few places, but nothing was happening. So she suggested a video.

Now it's been forever since I've taken a woman back to my place. I had to do a mental inventory to remember if it was clean which it was. We got 3:10 to Yuma. (okay film). We sat and laid on my bed since I don't any other furniture for two besides the floor and that wasn't happening. After a while she scooted over to me. Now I didn't want this relationship to go beyond friendship and I found I couldn't get over the fence with the Florist in my mind. However when she took my hand to hold and was laying against me I had to rethink it. Could I have sex with her and still be friends. I didn't find her super attractive and I didn't want to dig a hole I would have to climb out of. I enjoyed being next to her and I left it at that. If she had been aggressive I probably would have caved since I'm only human.

So after the movie I took her back to her car and we talked awhile on her situation and I told her some of my past. I gave her a hug and the night ended. I think at some point she wants to cook for me. If she thinks we are going places I'll have to have a talk with her.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Wow, I think she really likes you.

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