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The Holiday Withdrawl

I only worked a half day yesterday and then went over to Asp's place. We celebrated Christmas with her son so he could play with his stuff before we went out. Her son liked the Wimpy Kid book I got him and Asp liked Lied to Me season 1. She went over board with presents for me, but as she explained and I saw she likes people to have a lot of stuff to open. I'm a quality over quantity person myself, but I did find out other things she does like.

We then went over Saturn girl's daughter's house for dinner. We all brought stuff and it was a nice time. Saturn girl and her daughter are very bossy people I found out. It's been a long time since I've had Christmas with a lot of people I know. Afterwards it was back to Asp's place to help her finish packing for her trip.

A few things came up that we talked about. The first thing was physical punishment with her son. I was never a fan of it and we talked of other ways to help make him a responsible adult. She was on board with it, but it will mean change for her which in the long run will help us. Since how she handles her relationship with her son will tell how she handles ours.

We talked about relationships in general and ours. I stated that we people are attracted to others who have something we lack. Those people are of the same coin, just opposite sides. She asked what I was attracted to her about. For me it's an age old attraction. Asp has things she's passionate about and she stands up and fights for them. I'm laid back with my beliefs and my passions are mostly moderate.

The last thing was that Asp has anxiety which is brought on by negative self talk. My Mom and ex had it and I wondered when I first met Asp if my high comfort with her was similarities to them. With the anxiety comes some grumpiness which she apologized for. I answered in my old way of "no problem" which I don't like. I don't want to condone the behavior even though I understand where it comes from. So I have to find another response.

Like always I measure what positive things each relationship brings to me against the negative. I have to make sure I stay aware and voice my concerns as they come up. First to myself and then to Asp if they are appropriate.

Today has been a quiet one. I grabbed 4 more hours of sleep after I dropped Asp off at the airport. Then I went for a hike with L and then off to visit my Mom. I left a message for Eric and was sad that I didn't talk to him. Hopefully he will call later tonight. Having a lot of people around to almost no one is taking a little getting use to today. I was planning on continuing the Landlord's tradition of us going to Chinese buffet tonight, but I have so many leftovers from last night that I'm good. With the rain tonight I'm happy of it.

Happy Holidays to everyone.

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So what did she buy you? You mention lots but list nothing. Us girls need details!

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