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Oh No the Sky is Falling

The city is a buzz with the possibility of 3-4 inches of snow. I think I have a better chance winning the lottery. The surrounding areas might get that amount, but with the bay and ocean to moderate us. I quite doubt it. However everywhere I went that was the $25,000 question. For people of the South, snow is the coming of the Apocalypse. They have no clue how people live in cities with snow. How they can go out once snow is on the ground. In reality there isn't a plow or sander in miles so it is a strange concept for them.

On other fronts I'm updating my fashion sense. Before you go "ooo" and "aaa" remember I'm a guy and that pretty much comes down to a pair of casual shoes. Not counting my dance shoes that's 3 different types. When I grew up we were poor so hand me downs and bizarre acquisitions were the norm. Wearing argyle socks (my 14 year older brother's) in gym class when I was young scarred me for a long time. You couldn't get me out of white socks to save my life. When I had to when I started working as a doctor it was a rough transition. Over the past few months I've gotten rid of most of my t-shirts that would classify as college style. Again not wearing the kind of stuff in high school I've wanted to keep it for as long as I could. So now I've moved on into trying to wear something else besides sneakers all the time. I've worn dress shoes for work for years, but to wear something that is not a sneaker in normal settings is a new concept. Today is day 1 of the experiment. Also I would like to thank Robin for helping me mix colors with some new pants. Being partially color blind makes breaking out into new colors a real challenge.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Hope the new clothing experiment works, Mike ! I still love Ralph Lauren clothes on men... That whole button-down shirt thing even with jeans or corduroys is one of my favorites...


Good lord.. I went out last night and all the freaking stores were CLOSING EARLY because of "the inclement weather".. what a bunch of hog wash. The roads were completely dry and nary an ice patch to be found.

I swear... chicken littles everywhere! :)

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