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A Dead Sunday & a Bummed Monday

Talking to Eric yesterday I found out it would have been my ex-MIL's b-day if she was still alive. He was a little sad, but I got from him it was worse for everyone in the house. I have to admit I'm a little surprised about that since everyone wished she would drop dead. Who knew?

I was sad to hear that my friend Paul's dad had passed away. Although I have to admit the man really outlived the time the doctor's said he had to live.

I was bummed last night that Comedy Improv was cancelled. I was even more bummed that I found out by reading the sign on the theater's door. Hopefully next month's will be there, but I'll check before I go.

I was also saddened to read that Bottle Blonde will be closing down her blog. It was a really funny read that I greatly enjoyed when she updated it. I'm always amazed at how sad I get when a blog I love goes away.

On the good side this week. My schedule started out good and near what I like it to be. So time to up the goals for the week so I can have the office keep growing. I know at some point I'll have to make a decision if I want to hire staff and continue to grow or just keep it a comfortable size and do it myself.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Wow...that sucks about the show! It would seem we both had bad luck in that department this weekend. Oh well.. hopefully you still did something fun!


I didn't know that about BB! Boohoo!

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