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Sane Friends

Strange Turn of Events

Tonight was Game Night for the singles. Due to the holidays and other events it was a very low turnout for the event and I didn't know what to expect. We had a few unexpected people stop by. Besides myself everyone else was over 45. We had lots of fun as usual and two of the women were very loud with their laughs. We were actually told to please be quiet.

When I got home I was surprised to find that landlord home. John Hopkins reviewed his case and told him 6-10 weeks of life left. Also not to waste his time getting a second opinion since no one would go against their prognosis. So he's come back home to die. His ex, one daughter, and grandson are here. He said that the rest of his family will filter in and out in the coming weeks. I was very say to hear. It's been such a fast turn around of events. I'm trying to get him hospice care right now. I just got use to being alone and now I'll have to get use to a lot of changes in the coming weeks.

With this emotional wave, my hike, and lack of sleep last night with Asp I'm beat tonight. I'm hoping Asp will be home sometime soon so we can talk and I can go to bed. I'll see her tomorrow and spend half the day Monday with her.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I can't imagine being told "you have 6-10 weeks left, have a nice life".
Makes yours and my problems seem like a pesky fly that you keep swatting away.


Hi, Mike. Love love love your new format except that there are no dates for your entries. So sorry to hear about your landlord and problems with your ex. Will you see Eric on Christmas? Looks as if your relationship with Asp is going well. It's about time you found someone who is not as crazy as your previous finds. LOL


It really saddens me to read that he is going to die soon.

There is always that little possibility that he could live and it's hard to read that he is being given a definite "you're gonna die."

Where are you going to live after ?

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