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The Ambitious Mouse

Well it was nice to have the house quiet last night. The landlord's brother and sister left, but not before putting up the Christmas tree and some decorations outside. It looks very nice. We now have a break until all the grandchildren arrive Sunday. For me I have to try not to feel like a mouse in the house. I'm not in sync with the house anymore and I almost feel like I'm sneaking around behind my parents back. No one really cares, but this is the shit that's in my head. It will take a little while of this change for me to get use to it.

Tonight is my Business group's Holiday party that I put together. The turn out is about 50-50 which I'm happy for. Asp will be coming with me which will be fun. She's leaving her son home tonight which will be a first. Usually when he's sick he may stay home by himself, but this is the first time for her to just go out somewhere and she's feeling weird. Like all new skills it will take time. However it will be a good thing so we can get out more.

I was informed that I'm ambitious today. The people saying it had fear in their eyes since it was a major undertaking. A neighborhood scavenger hunt was my idea. I don't really care if it flies or dies. I suggested it so I agreed to chair it. I think everyone will run for the hills, but it will let people know what I'm all about.

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