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Shake and a Haircut

I finally was able to get a haircut last night and it was long overdue. So I got to see the Stylist who I hadn't seen for a few months. We caught up on our dating lives and single's events. She was part of the original group that no longer exists. While I do miss the old faces it's nice to have many new faces at the events which has been my point. Getting more people involved instead of the same 10 people.
Game night last night had a slight monkey wrench in that they had a performer playing there. It was a hassle and we probably distracted him in his playing, but since we were the only ones there I didn't worry about it too much. The barrister there probably won't be working there for long. I ordered my soy chai latte and he made 2 since he said he couldn't just heat up 1 cup. Okay? Everyone else seems to do it, but I wasn't going to complain since I got a second one for free. He did that a few times last night. While I enjoyed my chai it was a little problematic falling asleep last night.
It was a fun crowd of new and old faces. It reminded me of why I enjoy the single's events so much.

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Happy fresh haircut Wednesday to you, Mike !

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