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Sane Friends

Post Date Report #8

Well I met Law girl's daughter tonight. She's a nice kid.

I was in the mood for sushi and Law girl loves it so it was a plan. Boy was it a fast dinner. The had it served to us really fast and we were both hungry and inhaled it. The food was awesome as was the presentation as always. Since it was early and the sun was still out I suggested a walk on the beach. I knew where to park from when I was going out with CPA girl.

The weather was great as was the sunset. We had a nice walk and I got to poke fun at Law girl. For a native who grew up here, she's just never been to so much that is here. She'd never been to Chix's beach waterfront. It was like when we went to the oceanfront last week and all the stuff she never saw before.

We decided on TV instead of a DVD. It was nice to cuddle on the couch and relax. Quick kisses were back which I was surprised. Sometimes I feel like I'm dating a virgin. However it was a very enjoyable evening. We're very comfortable together which we both like. It is funny to watch Law girl register how much I like her.

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Walk on the beach always makes the ladies melt.

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