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The Dating Game

As my friend Paul will say I'm anal, but in a good way. Whether you know it or not I keep a dating chart of all the women I date. If we went out 2 or more times you land yourself on the chart. Your name and your blog nickname go on it. The second part is so I know who the hell they are after a while. After that I just list all their good (green highlights) and bad (red highlights) aspects as adjectives. It allows me to see how I'm doing. Am I still being attracted to that bad trait? Am I make progress up the dating ladder? The biggest thing is that black and white is a lot more accurate. Adding Asp to the list today I looked over the last few women I dated. Facebook, Dancer, Happy, and Blondie all had a lot more red than green.

I knew taking time off from dating last year would help. I have to admit I went out with most of them for their looks and found nothing beyond it. I have to admit Asp was borderline herself so I have to watch myself again. I'm not looking to get right back out there, but when I do I want to keep going up instead of taking the bat pole down.

It's funny cause I would never admit it, but I guess I'm a sucker for a pretty face. Every few women there is one that I remember was a real looker and their is all this red under her name.

Do you do anything to monitor your dating?

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Haven't monitored my dating but I just heard of this chart system I may try...now, if I could only find my red and green highlighters!


What happened? Did I blink or something?


Fiery - It works for me.

Win - You must of since I've been talking about it for a while.


I have stopped dating/meeting men because I seem to judge them purely on looks. There is little point trying to meet someone if I'm going to continue to be so shallow.

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