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So I'm on my way to see my Mom in the hospital. I get a phone call from her facility telling me how sorry to hear that she's in the hospital. Well that's very nice until they tell me this is how much I'm going to owe to keep her bed open. Holy shit, hit me when I'm down. At least give me a reach around before you fuck me in the ass. Sorry I'm a bit angry at the moment. I guess I feel like a sucker for sending her to the hospital. I guess its old feeling of trying to do the right thing and getting crapped on. I know that I'm only in control of my actions and not the responses, but sometimes it's hard to accept that.

Anyway I talked to my brother and we'll split the bill which is a blessing even though I don't have the extra on my end. Like all things it'll just be another bill to pay off. My hope is that she'll go home tomorrow since they think she has pneumonia, but the x-rays weren't definitive. If nothing is on x-ray it isn't that bad. So hopefully she respond to the antibiotics quickly.

To relieve my stress I stopped by Starbucks to just relax for an hour. I'm actually glad I have tickets to the Funny Bone tonight since I could use the laugh.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

At the very least you will be able to sleep at night. You are doing the right thing.


Hope she is feeling better soon!

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