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Sane Friends

And the Clock Struck Four

Waking up at 4 am is way too early to be getting up for no reason. Actually if you have a reason it's still too early in my book. However for some unknown reason I awoke early this morning bright eyed a bushy tailed and unable to go back to sleep. This was good to about noon today when I started crashing.

The good news is that Tone and family are leaving in the morning. I can't get use to every light in the house on and the chaos that ensues. However they did get a lot of stuff done. The completely filled a huge dumpster yesterday and were suppose to get a new one today. There was actually room in the garage last night.

Even though keeping to my higher standards is working for me and I'm already seeing good results. I can feel the struggle to keep it up already. I just want to slide back to what's comfortable instead of what's working and making me happy. This always amazes me. It reminds me of a saying, "we back away from our hell instead or running joyously to heaven. One thing I need to start is having rewards and consequences for the things I need to get done. Something small that will either make me happy or bother me enough that I wouldn't want to do it.
Trivia night went well last night. Only one other person came from the singles group and he was late. You really do need a group of people. We had to admit that we didn't know anything, but we did pretty well.

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