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Mik's Getting Angry

I'm getting pissed at everyone. I'm resenting the fact that I'm paying a lot of money to keep my Mom's room available at her place. Also the hospital is on my list now. My Mom's stable and everything they are doing can be done can be done at her facility. I feel this is being milked. So tomorrow I need to talk to the hospital and get my Mom sent back home. I feel a battle coming on, but legally I know I have the right to do so. However I know the hospital's wish is to prolong my Mom's life and mine is just to be what it is. My brother just confirmed this when talking to one of his friends that's gone through this situation. We both agreed to get her out of there.

It was a decent morning at work today since I wasn't planning to go in. However enough patients rescheduled for today to make it worth it. Again all the money I made just went out the window with my Mom.

I was hoping to relax with the singles today with our bowling game. However the Girl Scouts and a birthday party took over the place. Not a single lane was available. So I called everyone about the change of plans.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I think you are amazing for taking care of your mother the way you are, especially since it seems like other family members arent' stepping up to the plate.

I hope things get better.


I don't blame you for being angry ... seems like the cost of getting ill these days is enough to make one ill.

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