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Sane Friends


I got home last night and realized I didn't get a chance to post yesterday which was weird for me. Not being able to fall asleep last night because I was so wired was a bigger reminder.

Asp emailed me yesterday wondering what I thought about her email for her possible second job. I was firm with her in making sure she got compensation settled before she started working. There are plenty of people out their that will take advantage of you and I know this lady laid it down thick. Asp let me know the lady responded, but still no word of compensation. She was disappointed because she likes taking pictures. So I hooked her up with a friend that is a photographer that will hopefully help her out.

Eric called today wondering if the weather was going to affect our visit. I told him as it stood now we would still be good since the storm was suppose to end today. I reassured him that since I was driving, if we couldn't see each other this week we would do so in 2 weeks time. He was off from school today and watching TV.

We had some heavy sticking snow here for a little while this morning, but it's almost all gone now with the sun out. However it's frigid out there with the winds gusting over 40 mph. Since people rescheduled due to the weather I had time to go shopping today for the weekend. Stuff is cheaper here than NY so I usually bring up the food that I'll need with me. I was hoping to replace my printer which is 2 months old with a new one today, but they were out of stock.

While business is okay this week, new patients are low. I have a few events in the hopper over the next month, but for the immediate future its bleak. I would expect more business with all the snow and ice, but nothing has surfaced.

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I was just popping in to see how you're doing and what's new.
Business is slow here too....

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