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Sane Friends

Now Back to Our Regulary Scheduled Program

Well the deed got done with Asp today. It went well. She was surprised at my turn around, but she admitted she wasn't feeling it anymore either. By her actions I was thinking that. I'm just happy to have it over. We talked a long while afterwards about stuff like we usually do. So I hope she still comes to events. I'll try to stay in touch with text to see how things are going like with her second job. Now life returns to normal.

Today L and I are doing are beach walk. I'm happy that its sunny,but otherwise I'm not looking forward to it since it's about 30 degrees out there. I'll be happier next month when spring arrives.

I'm getting very frustrated with my computer at home. I can't get it to connect with my wifi. It detects it, but connection is a whole other animal. It's a bit of pain to bring my work laptop home to have Internet usage over the weekend.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Good for you.

I am also dying for Spring to come. The snow is a killer on the ol' back!

Take care, and be well.

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